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Box Vans  
£ Open to Offers
BOX VAN, 7.5 ton

Registration: KE51 CXB
Box Vans  
FA LF55.180 DAF FA LF55.180
£ Open to Offers
Refurbished box van, tail lift

Registration: YJ53WHV
Box Vans  
1223 2002 MERCEDES BENZ 1223
Fridge Van, Carrier Equipment, Tail lift

Registration: SG52RDU
Box Vans  
FA65 CF.220 5.9 18 2003 DAF FA65 CF.220 5.9 18
DAF FA65 CF.220 5.9 18 4x2

Registration: SF03 PHV
Registration date: 04 Sep 2003
Clock: 626791
Box Vans  
FA LF45.140 2007 DAF FA LF45.140

Registration: SF57 ECA
Registration date: 01 Sep 2007
Clock: 433750
Box Vans  
FA55.220 2001 DAF FA55.220
£ Open to Offers
Box van, tail lift, ex PO

Registration: AE51 GCU
Clock: 790340
Box Vans  
42AEA1 2001 RENAULT 42AEA1
Box van, tail lift, 7.5ton, manual gear box

Registration: RK51 AEF
Registration date: 06 Nov 2001
Clock: 22750
Box Vans  
LF45.150 2005 DAF LF45.150
RIGID, TAIL LIFT Non HGV, service history

Registration: FJ05 XEP
Registration date: 11 May 2005
Clock: 379805
Box Vans  
£ Open to Offers
Ex Police cell vehicle

Registration: H294 AAT
Clock: 13441

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